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Join us as we explore the wild world from a viewpoint you can only get from living in the hills!

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HNT 178: Kathy Griffin, 30 Songs That Turned 30, Tiger Woods, “Is it Funny”

Kathy Griffin posted a very controversial pic. Society did not collapse. The system is still working. Petra found a list of 30 songs that are 30 years old. Now I feel old. Tiger Woods is a damn mess. Get your act together son! Petra tells you some jokes to see how many knowins you have.

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HNT 177: Billboard Music Awards. Holding Hands. 80’s Beauty Trends. A Beauty Hack. NFL Celebration.

We play fashion police of the Billboard Music Awards. We haven’t even heard of some of the winners. And Cher won the show with her Icon award. Melania Trump is certainly smacking away Donald’s tiny hand. Here are some 80’s Beauty Trends making a come back this year! Honestly, some have never waned. […]

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HNT 176: Vampire Deer, Flip or Flop, Toxic People, Pyramid Marketing

We have a TON of deer in our area. Their has been a recent discovery about them that makes us nervous. These Flip or Flop people on HGTV are pissing me off! Plus we have our own local Flip and Flop. 10 type of toxic people you have to avoid at all cost. Friends who […]

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