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Join us as we explore the wild world from a viewpoint you can only get from living in the hills!

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Latest Epsiodes

HNT 183: Country Food, Eclipse 2017 KY Style, Taylor Swift, Mean Girls

– I raided my dad’s garden. That is a great thing about being a Hillbilly – We have out of work coal miners protesting the galaxy – Petra may now be a Taylor Swift fan. – Freedom od speech ends where someone else right start.

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HNT 182: Frat Pic Nic, Smoking Hot Models, Made in America, Devil’s Outback

– Hank went to his old fraternity’s summer pic nic. – Is smoking in ads back in style? – Outback Steakhouse may be devil worshipers!

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HNT 181: West Virginia Critter Stories. Cheech and Chong. Locker Room. Peaches

Petra’s back home stories continue with critters this time, including the biggest mother F-IGN spider ever. Cheech the renter threw out Chong. Naked men in locker rooms? And Peaches for everyone.

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