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Join us as we explore the wild world from a viewpoint you can only get from living in the hills!

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Latest Epsiodes

HNT 190: Hillbilly Moon Explosion, Text Messaging, Welcome to Hell, Drunk Opossum, Dogs vs Cats, Complex TV

Hank and I have had a lingering cold. The anniversary of the first text! We laugh because I had never texted before meeting Hank. SNL delivers som sexual harassment humor with Welcome to Hell. A possum breaks into a Florida liquor store and ties one on. Hank found an article to point […]

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HNT 189: Hollywood Allegations. Sephora Disaster. Justice League. Magic Sex Orb.

We talk about the allegations in Hollywood, Joss Whedon and Louis C.K. The disaster in Sephora! Parents, leave toddlers at home some. They don’t belong everywhere.—-and-the-photos-are-horrific/ar-BBF3ALF?li=BBnb7Kz#image=1 Justice League gets two thumbs up from us. And everyone needs a magic sex orb. Sent from my iPad

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HNT 188: Coffee Naps, Sex Ed, Aliens?, Stranger Things 2, JFK Files

Petra has an article about a new way to nap. Hank is skeptical. What is the best age to have sex? Something weird flew past the Earth and scientist don’t know what it was or where it came from. These JFK files piss Hank off and weirds him out. Stranger Things 2 has been released […]

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