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Join us as we explore the wild world from a viewpoint you can only get from living in the hills!

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HNT 195: Olympics, The Godfather, Everyday Lies, Old School Country Music, New Emojis

The Olympics are not quite as exciting as they were when we were kids. I feel sorry that today’s kids missed that experience. The Godfather Part 1 is one of the best movies I have ever seen and it holds up very well over time. I am not alone in this opinion. Let’s get our […]

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HNT 194: Guys Only Ski Trip, Fancy Restaurant Etiquette, 1984 The Musical!

Hank has been on a guys trip. Nothing like meeting new people to make you appreciate your own life. Petra found an article about what NOT to do in a fancy restaurant. Whoever adapted 1984 as a play was either an idiot, our our local Theatre Troupe are idiots. We are not sure which is […]

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HNT 193: Momma Stories, Hawaii Scare, Technology Sucks, WVU Basketball

Petra visited her mom. That always produces some fun stories We are living in a crazy time. There are daily weird stories that should scare us all to death. We had a mass false nuclear missile launch warning that lasted 38 minutes! Technology sucks. At least a lot of it does. WVU has a killer […]

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