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Join us as we explore the wild world from a viewpoint you can only get from living in the hills!

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Latest Epsiodes

HNT 187: Petra Visits Las Vegas, Oysters Rockefeller!

Petra recently went to Las Vegas with a girlfriend. She shares some stories. Petra had Oysters Rockefeller for the first and last time.

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HNT 186: Hank’s Ramblings. Read What You Sign! Million Dollar Ideas. Guys Trip.

Read any contract before you sign it! Read it all. Do you support a jerk worker? There needs to be a channel for Super Heroes. Hank will judge you. Hank had a memorable Guy Trip, and I’m glad he’s home in one piece.

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HNT 185: Fake News, Momma Drama, Old People and Millennials, One Hit Wonders, And Driving Through

There such a need for fact checking and so much fake news circulating that there’s a headline tab on MSN for fact checking! What’s wrong with us??? Momma Drama has been tough this week. I feel so bad for her. Hank had a bad time talking with an old person, and that leads to […]

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