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Join us as we explore the wild world from a viewpoint you can only get from living in the hills!

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Latest Epsiodes

HNT 199: Chairman Meow Update. Stan Lee. Muscular Men. Andre the Giant. Fleetwood Mac. Child Shaming.

Chairman Meow is better! No more playing find the cat pee. There have been multiple articles on Stan Lee’s situation. It sounds like financial elder abuse. According to science muscular men make rotten boyfriends. The Andre the Giant documentary is great. Watch it. Fleetwood Mac must have so much drama. What do our listeners think […]

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HNT 198: Poop Palace. Drivers License. Phubbing. The Push. Apple Pushes Back.

Chairman Meow’s saga continues. She got a brand new poopy palace, but somehow the intricacies of using a litter box are still eluding her. Oh, and she lets me know she’s not happy about feeling unwell or changing her diet. I got my drivers license. That may have been the worst picture ever. Are you […]

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HNT 197: Life Updates, Middle Age, Parents, Hank’s Surgery

Life is moving fast for us! We have a few updates on what we have been up to. We are middle age and I guess we are going to start having middle age problems. I suppose every phase of life will have its own unique set of challenges. Our parents are getting older and it’s […]

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