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Apr 13 | 0 comments

HNT 173: Korn’s New Bassist, United Airlines, SNL’s KY Skit, Superbad, Coal Mine Museum

Korn has a new bassist for their upcoming tour. A 12 year old kid! This kid is living a fantasy life here.

United Airlines is just screwed for a very long time and they have totally done it to themselves.

SNL did a skit involving President Trump and Kentuckians. It’s sobering to realize how the general population views us Kentuckians. It’s good to remember that when traveling.

The movie Superbad absolutely stands up as one of the greatest comedies ever. It’s been 10 years since it was released.

A Coal Mine Museum has installed solar panels to help generate power for their building. If this were a book, this would clearly be foreshadowing.

Student loans suck. There seems to be a lot of predatory lending going on here.

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